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about nikki

Founder Nikki’s passion is guiding people to become the best that they can be. She customizes and creates programs for leaders to help them reach their peak performance. As the creator of the Input/Output method, Nikki believes that people can only work on 2-3 challenges at a time in order to see meaningful change. Over a 6-month period, Nikki becomes a thought partner to her clients to help them achieve their goals, forward their thinking, and evolve.

Nikki was a part of the Founding Team of WayUp, a startup in NYC, and during her time, lead the People and Marketing teams. With an undergrad degree from the University of Pennsylvania and an Executive Coaching Certification from Columbia University, Nikki combines academic research and real-life experience to create impactful programs. Nikki is a lifelong learner and is constantly seeking more ways to enhance her coaching practice. 

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