Big & Small Questions

As a coach, it's my job to ask questions. The questions that I ask usually aren't out-of-this-world creative or completely unique, but they're the questions that we've avoided asking ourselves. Why? Because sometimes we simply just don't want to hear our own answers.

Our answers are shaped by the questions we ask. When we ask small questions, we get small answers.

The catch is, the busier we get, the smaller, but more frequent, our questions become. Things like “ok, what do I need to get done right now” or "how can I prove my point" become our defaults. These micro-questions are important but without the macro-question, there’s no space to get to zoom out to really gain control over the trajectory of our lives.

big questions (2).png

Exercise to get into a big questions mindset:

Getting started and making this a habit is the hardest part. After allowing your mind to wander around the answers to these bigger questions, you’ll see it becomes addicting.

Humor me, carve out 9-minutes a day for the next 9 days to sit and reflect with a big question. There’s no right or wrong way to do this. I personally use a spreadsheet that looks like this. Feel free to make a copy and put 9-minutes on the clock to give yourself some space to explore the depths of your answers.