manager’s training


i/o Coaching facilitates leadership series for management teams that cover both tactical and strategic topics.

workshop structure: each session is 2 hours, maximum of 30 people/session, bi-monthly meetings recommended

session 1: leading vs. managing

Learn about what all leaders have in common and how to apply it to lead a high performing team. Managers can go through a to-do list, but leaders make a vision that comes to life.

session 2: master the meeting

Stop spending time in unproductive meetings. Learn the art of an effective 1:1 and create a framework for valuable team meetings. Never again hear “well, that could’ve been an email”.

session 3: feed-forward

Learn the art and the science of giving feedback to ignite forward momentum from your team. In this training, we’ll incorporate a continuous feedback loop.

Show your team that you’ve invested in their growth by having productive career conversations without making unlikely-to-happen promises.

session 4: development pathing

Understand your own personal preferences as well as appreciate individual differences in others to enhance individual and team performance.

session 5: social styles

Make your teams more self-sufficient by learning basic coaching tools to ask the right questions, influence, inspire, and motivate your direct reports.

session 6: coaching 101